About Jazzmachine

It was in 2002 that Stefan Zaradic founded the band Project "Jazzmachine". The term "Jazz" in the name of the band stands for freedom, its original meaning, while "Machine" stands for the groove. In 2003 the first album "Radio" was released and promptly gained international audiophile highlite status from the magazine STEREO. The second album "Moongroove", was released in 2008. As well as being hailed as a CD_Tip by STEREO magazine it was also awarded 5 stars.


In October 2021, after a production journey lasting several years, the third album "24" will be released as Pure Audio Blu-Ray in Dolby Atmos, AURO 3D, 5.1 and in Stereo.

Additionally, the album will be available for streaming in SONY 360 Reality Audio and 2.0 lossless Stereo with the Artist Connection App, as well as on Vinyl.